Pouchet Training addresses movement at its deepest level and has to be seen as a support to all other disciplines that address movement. Pouchet Training teaches basic understanding of “what moves us” and what it takes to become more efficient and at ease in whatever our endeavors may be.


An Evaluation is a pre-requisite for establishing outlines necessary to begin an individual program.

Individual Training, Rolfing/Movement Sessions

Studio sessions with Gregory Pouchet are available to the individual and are comprised of a combination of Rolfing and movement sessions. A wide variety of tools will be incorporated into the program to facilitate your specific needs.

Group Workshops

One and Two-day workshops are available that showcase the proprietary Pouchet Training system.

Watch for future dates and registration information on this website.

Training Certification

The Company will certify personal trainers to teach the fundamentals of the program to their clientele by obtaining a proprietary Pouchet Training license. Becoming a certified Pouchet Training trainer requires participation in a training program with a specific curriculum. At this level, the trainee will undertake a basic education in anatomy and physiology, the evolution of the Pouchet Method, as well as in-depth instruction on the exercises for all of the Pouchet equipment, and their modifications.

For more details about the program, please send your resume to: