What to Expect

The program begins with an initial Pouchet specific movement evaluation, allowing us to get a clear understanding of one’s individual movement patterns. This also gives us an opportunity to create a starting point to which we can continuously refer and compare. Once this evaluation has been completed, we design a Pouchet specific program that addresses movement dysfunction by neuromuscularly re-patterning one’s "bad" patterns and strengthening one’s "good" patterns. Over a period of time we will see changes that create a more balanced and efficient body. This program can address all levels, whether our client wants to continue improving post-rehabilitation injury issues, increase expressivity, or enhance athletic ability for a specific sport.

Our process of teaching the Pouchet Method emphasizes the fundamentals of movement.  We address posture and pre-tension, which are critical for an effective movement outcome. Through Individual Pouchet Training, one learns more functional movement patterns that will transfer into the one’s regular activities, whether this includes high level sport performance, walking up a flight of stairs, or simply moving more functionally and pain free.

The benefits of Pouchet Training touch all aspects of our clients' lives. We see decreases in back and joint pain due to stronger core musculature, force distribution and joint alignment improvement throughout the body, as well as better overall energy for daily activities. We also see decreases in shoulder and neck pain because of better posture and muscle balance in the head, neck, shoulders and upper back. We see better performances in sports such as golf, tennis and running because of the increases in stability, flexibility and postural alignment.