Our Goal

Pouchet Training enables a person to achieve maximum potential through a complete training protocol that incorporates aspects of cognitive science, psychology, physiology, anatomy, kinesiology, neuroscience, biomechanics, phenomenology, phenomenology of perception and Rolfing.

Extraordinary physical demands and psychological stress from work, family, and other life situations cause loss of physical and emotional balance. Enhancing an individual’s physical capacities by broadening one’s mental conceptual construct of consciousness enables one to achieve maximum potential in work, family and recreational activities. Through the enhancement of emotional and physical balance, reduction of stress and injuries, and awareness of their environment, individuals increase their performance level within their chosen endeavors.

Training protocols found in the mainstream fitness industry only address the “WHAT” Question, that is “what” specific systems or muscle groups are to be trained. The “WHERE” Question refers to the environment of where movement is executed. “What” is the given task and “Where” is it executed. Both questions have to be answered in order to achieve maximum potentiality in our action.

By answering both questions, Pouchet Training permits the nervous system to go into a state of the highest form of attentiveness paired with the highest form of quietness (centeredness). One may call this “being in the zone.” To change into a higher form of consciousness and awareness the nervous system is of crucial importance.

Pouchet Training provides a practical and accessible approach to personal fitness and wellbeing using both modern scientific research and ancient knowledge. U.S. Special Operations personnel, neurologists, chiropractors, physicians of various specialties, as well as professional dancers have found great benefits in Pouchet Training. This approach of integration of ancient wisdom with the latest scientific studies of the nervous system, brain, anatomy, and perception has created a hybrid of vital knowledge of the world, which was once available to only a select group.

Pouchet Training revolutionizes peak performance, fitness and health. Combined with proprietary equipment, Pouchet Training has amazed members from the US Special Forces to rehabilitation patients with Parkinson’s.